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EIT Manufacturing

EIT Manufacturing is one of the nine innovation communities belonging to European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which was established by the European Union in 2008. EIT Manufacturing has been operating since 2018. Its main focus is to promote innovation in European manufacturing sector and aims to increase its global competitiveness, sustainability, and productivity.

  • EIT Manufacturing provides direct support to innovation projects
  • It brings together leading European manufacturing companies, academic institutions, innovative start-ups and SMEs.
  • It creates a space for sharing of experience and developing intensive international cooperation.
  • It builds an innovation community and ecosystems.

EIT Manufacturing in Czech Republic

CTU has joined EIT Manufacturing as the only full member from the Czech Republic through its units – the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME CTU) and the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC CTU). These two units, in cooperation with European partners, implement projects in the field of digital knowledge transfer in Industry 4.0, educational activities focused on advanced manufacturing technologies or the digital transformation of companies.

CTU has been the official EIT Manufacturing Hub for the Czech Republic since 2020. It aims to engage local companies and partners, support innovators and ensure mutual awareness between the academic and private sector about opportunities within EIT Manufacturing projects. Thanks to the Hub, Czech universities, research institutes, manufacturing companies and start-ups can more easily get involved in EIT Manufacturing projects. Contact: info@eitm-hub.cz

Participating CTU workplaces

CIIRC CTU is a unique research institute that focuses on cutting-edge basic and applied research in various areas of computer sciences and artificial intelligence, manufacturing, energetics and smart cities. CIIRC CTU is creating a unique ecosystem for artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing, connecting industry and academia with major European research and innovation networks. For EIT Manufacturing projects, CIIRC CTU offers a unique research infrastructure within its Czech-German Research and Innovation Centre on Advanced Industrial Production RICAIP – Testbed for Industry 4.0.

Anna Tahovská

FME CTU covers, through its 17 institutes, the entire field of mechanical engineering, from mathematics and physics to materials, technology, processes, and business economics. The Faculty cooperates with more than 400 industrial enterprises from all over the world and more than 100 universities from all continents.

The Institute of Production Machines and Equipment (RCMT) FME CTU focuses on education, research and cooperation with industry in the field of production machinery and machines for the implementation of production technologies. In addition to machine tools and forming machines, this area also includes robots, industrial automation and high-tech machines for laser technology and additive manufacturing (“3D printing”).

Matěj Sulitka

NCP 4.0 is an open academic-industrial platform that connects innovation leaders, manufacturing and technology companies, universities, research and industry organisations with the state bodies and the media. Since its establishment in 2017, it has created a unique ecosystem of more than 50 partners. NCP4.0 spreads awareness about Industry 4.0 and facilitates the implementation of its technologies into practice. It provides consultancy services for the digitalisation of companies.

Alena Burešová