EIT Manufacturing Hub Czechia

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Make Innovation Happen

EIT Manufacturing Hub Czechia is your guide and partner for EIT Manufacturing activities in the Czech Republic. Cooperation is open to the entire manufacturing ecosystem: companies, startups, universities and research institutes, as well as professional organisations and public administration

What does the EIT Manufacturing Hub offer?

  • We build academia and industry cooperation
  • We involve Czech entities in EIT Manufacturing projects
  • We support digital transformation and the adoption of digital technologies
  • We facilitate participation in EIT Manufacturing programs, educational courses and competitions
  • We give opportunities for innovative international networking
  • We carry out projects focused on transferring digital knowledge in Industry 4.0 and on learning activities leading to the improvement of working skills with advanced manufacturing technologies.

EIT Manufacturing activities are tailored to:

Manufacturing companies

Technology developers

Technical engineers

Innovative start-ups and SMEs

Opportunities for Czech entities

start-ups, small and medium-sized companies as well as large manufacturing companies

Direct involvement in international projects

Financial support for innovative projects at an advanced stage of development before market launch

Membership in EIT Manufacturing sharing knowledge and international know-how

Educational programs and retraining towards the digital transformation of companies

Mentoring, promotion and financial support for startups and new business plans