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Běžící projekty

LogoAkronymNázev projektuZapojení ČVUT
 Confacts IIMulti-layer Connected Factories with hybrid conventional and digital components IICIIRC
 RoboTwinMotion imitating roboticsCIIRC
 AI4ENGINEAI for weaving KPIs monitoring and prediction to EIT ManufacturingCIIRC
 REIMANN IIROS-based Education of Advanced Motion Planning and ControlCIIRC
 The LIVE4.0Learning about IoT and Virtualization to better your Experience in Machining in the 4.0 eraFakulta strojní

Projekty v roce 2021

AkronymNázev projektuZapojení ČVUT
AIMS2AI for Manufacturing SMEs and StudentsCIIRC
M-NEST-2Network for Empowering People in Added-Value Manufacturing Systems and TechnologiesCIIRC
ManuLearn IILearning through manufacturing challenges IICIIRC
RIS I40 HubRIS Industry 4.0 HubsCIIRC
SEEN for LightweightingSimulation Enhanced/Enabled Nuggets for Learning and Mastering Manufacturing for LightweightingFakulta strojní
ShapiNG IIShaping the Next Generation of manufacturing professionalsFakulta strojní
YML – TWOYoung Manufacturing Leaders – Talented Workforce for an Open societyFakulta strojní

Projekty v roce 2020

AkronymNázev projektuZapojení ČVUT
DigTrafoRisDigital Transformation in RISCIIRC
DSLEIT labelled PhDFakulta strojní
EIT M RIS HubsEIT Manufacturing RIS HubsCIIRC
LIFT EuropePanEuropean Network of Learning FactoriesCIIRC
M-NEST-RISNetwork for Empowering People in Added-Value Manufacturing Systems and TechnologiesCIIRC
Mach4.0Learning Factory for implementation Industry 4.0 in MachiningFakulta strojní
ManuLearnLearning through manufacturing challengesFakulta strojní
YMLYoung Manufacturing LeadersFakulta strojní